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The Sketch Notes On studio suite is run by musician and songwriter Daniel Spiller. From audio engineering and video editing through to render and online dissemination, it handles podcasts from conception to completion. Dan also deals with the ever-increasing Sketch Notes social media.

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Daniel has worked on a diverse range of unique projects which highlight the art of creative media while never losing the sense of professionalism - or fun.

Past works have included writing comedy jingle sketches for the Chris Moyles show on BBC Radio 1 and secretly broadcasting an undercover Pop Idol audition live to the nation.

His Broken Record Project saw Boris Johnson, Damien Hirst, Jarvis Cocker and Stephen Fry break discs to promote his single.

He has travelled across America’s Deep South in search of the perfect track, stopping to pay homage at the crossroads where blues legend Robert Johnson is said to have sold his soul to the devil. He also co-write the music for Chiraq, performed by hip hop artist Chief Keef.

Daniel's gift is to inspire engagement by blending technical expertise with creative vision. He was instrumental in organising an online recording featuring Ed Sheeran and nearly 200 pupils of the Pegasus Academy Trust, Link here, in the name of inspiring the musicians of the future.

He teamed up with Lucy Johnston and Matt Gibson on Sketch Notes to provide an outlet for his talent after the pandemic played havoc with the music industry.

As well as Sketch Notes, Daniel creates and edits content for Collateral Global, a UK registered charity dedicated to researching, understanding, and communicating the effectiveness and collateral impacts of the interventions taken worldwide in response to Covid.

He also produces content for doctor and YouTube Influencer James Gill.  

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